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Never Leave your Target Audience to your competitors. We Can Make the World Talk About You..!! We are Expert in Digital Marketing.

People began to recognise the power of digital. All brands began to establish a presence on digital platforms. We are a dynamic group of enthusiastic professionals who believe in innovative strategies and one-of-a-kind solutions. With our limitless desires, we believe we can take the lead in the digital marketing world. We aim to provide digital planning, strategizing, and creativity that results in fully managed and successful online campaigns.

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Our Solutions

Digital Marketing Services, We Expertise At

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With Keyword research and white hat SEO practices, Improving the Quality and Quantity of website traffic to a website or Page from Search Engines.

Social Media Management (SMM)

Use of Social Media Networks to drive traffic from Social Media and to manage & grow an organization’s message and online presence.

Local & Technical SEO

90% of people search for local businesses online, will call or visit a store within 24 hours. Attract your Ideal Customers and Generate more Leads and Sales with proper Technical SEO.

Link Building

Increase your consumer trust by acquiring a steady stream of traffic from high-authority websites via Link Building.

PPC Management

With a data-driven PPC campaign, you can reach your customers quickly and precisely. Our PPC Specialists are certified, so you can rest assured that your campaign is with Professionals.

Social Media Ads

Same as PPC, We also provide Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, WhatsApp Marketing, and other Social Media Ads Campaigns.

Content Writing & Marketing

The content of your website is critical: it is the foundation of your SEO and the reason many people visit it. Trust PLSS with your content creation, and we will write it precisely.

Video Production & Marketing

Video Marketing is powerful and engaging when done right. Explainer Videos, Intro Videos, Creative Ad Shoots, and much more.

Email Marketing

Allows you to target specific categories of clients or even individuals. Email Newsletters, Transactional Emails, Behaviourial Emails, etc.

eCommerce Marketing

Revenue in the eCommerce industry is up 30% year on year. Take advantage of a variety of opportunities in the eCommerce industry to promote your products and provide 24-hour convenience to your customers.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are Opinion leaders with a social following base, which is used to promote a brand to a larger market.

Reputation Management

Your online reviews and reputation can make or break your success. With the assistance of our agency, you can improve your reputation and reap the benefits.

* Logos used are only for illustrative purpose. Copyrights, trademark are owned by respective companies and brands.

Tools We Use

Digital Marketing Tools

Why Choose Us?

Data-driven Marketing

Research & Data’s are major part of Digital Marketing. We research for every project and work as per the competition and research data we get.

Trusted Industry Experts

We have over 4 yrs of experience in Digital Marketing and one of the leading Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai.

Always on Current Trends

Our team members are up-to-date and update themselves to current trends, suggest and complete the work hassle-free.

Competitive Pricing

Always our quotes are affordable, cost-efficient and budget friendly to our clients. But never worry of Quality.

Best Support

We always had on-time delivery of our project and offer best support, as we regularly monitor, update and work for your business at back end.


How can we help?

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, is the promotion of brands through the use of the internet and other forms of digital communication to connect with potential customers. This includes text and multimedia messages as a marketing channel in addition to email, social media, and web-based advertising. Essentially, digital marketing is any marketing campaign that involves digital communication.

OfCourse, every business is unique from another and their fields are different, Target Audience are different. So, we have different customized plans or checklist to follow for every business.

At InDesignz, we support generally do all manual processes. We use SEO Tools and Social Media Management Tools when in need.

Inbound marketing is a more recent marketing concept than outbound marketing. Rather than pushing advertisements and messages at customers, inbound marketing aims to pique their interest and draw them in. That is why it is referred to as “pull marketing.” It is also known as content marketing, which is the primary tactic used in inbound marketing.

We are partners with the below SEO Tools company and we use them for different clients for different purposes.

  1. Screpy
  2. SEMRush
  3. UberSuggest

We are support with the below Social Media Management Tools for different clients for different purposes.

  1. HootSuite
  2. Zoho Social
  3. Hashtagify
  4. Canva
  5. Meta Business Suite

and much more.

To begin, you should concentrate on the social media platforms with the most active users. These are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, in that order.

Following that, you must identify where your target audience spends their time and educate yourself on the demographic.

What are their patterns of behaviour?

What type of content do they like?

What effect does social media have on them as a consumer?

The practise of using on-page and off-page tweaks and tactics to ensure that your page ranks higher on search engines is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Keywords are the words and phrases that people type into search engines. These are the terms we use when searching for pages, images, videos, blogs, or any other type of information or content on the internet. These keywords must be strategically placed throughout your pages and content.

  • Facebook? Aim for once a day, and no less than three times per week.
  • Instagram? Once or twice daily
  • LinkedIn? No more than twice per week and no more than once per day.
  • Twitter? This one is a little more varied, but anywhere from 3-30 tweets per day is fine.


When it comes to blogging, weekly posts should always be prioritised over monthly posts. In fact, we recommend writing 1-2 blog posts per week. When it comes to blogging, however, there is no definitive magic number. For a long time, it was widely assumed that the more frequently you posted, the better, but this is not always the case.

Definitely! You should never assume that simply focusing your digital marketing strategy on social platforms is sufficient because it has become so popular. There are more active email accounts than any other social media platform in the world. Email marketing is more private and, as a result, often feels more personal to the consumer. Most people are constantly tuned into their email, checking it multiple times per day and seeing notifications pop up on their phones, laptops, and tablets.

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