Laundrix POS

Laundrix POS by InDesignz: Your Comprehensive Laundry Management Software

Laundrix POS, crafted by InDesignz, is a cutting-edge Point of Sale (POS) software specifically tailored to revolutionize laundry management operations. It offers an intuitive platform equipped with powerful features designed to enhance order management, streamline payment collections, and optimize various aspects of laundry services.

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Key Features

Laundrix POS simplifies laundry operations by providing a centralized platform for order management, payment collection, and detailed order tracking. It offers a customizable dashboard and comprehensive order previews for better control and decision-making. The Kanban order status feature allows easy visualization and organization of orders. Additionally, the software streamlines expense tracking, customer relationship management, service organization, and staff scheduling.


Get a comprehensive overview of your laundry operations at a glance.

Dedicated POS

Access a specialized Point of Sale system tailored for laundry businesses.

Orders Management

Orders Management, Ledger-wise Payment Collections, Detailed Order Preview, Kanban Order Status

Expenses Management

Keep track of expenses to ensure financial accountability.

Customer Management

Maintain detailed customer records and manage relationships.

Services Management

Organize service types, service lists, and service addons efficiently.

File Manager

Store and manage essential files and documents within the software.

SMS/Email Notification

Keep customers and staff informed with timely notifications.

Staff Management

Manage staff roles, schedules, and responsibilities effortlessly.


Access detailed reports for insights into business performance and trends.

For Whom?

Laundrix POS caters to laundry businesses of all sizes, including dry cleaners, laundromats, and laundry service providers, seeking streamlined operations and improved customer service.

Laundry Companies

Why Choose Us?

User-Friendly Interface

Laundrix offers an intuitive platform designed for easy navigation and smooth usage by all users.

Tailored Features

Benefit from specific functionalities crafted to suit laundry business needs effectively.

Commitment to Optimize Operations

Laundrix is dedicated to enhancing laundry business operations, ensuring streamlined processes and efficiency.

Powerful Tools

Access a range of powerful tools within Laundrix to manage various aspects of your laundry service.

Comprehensive Functionalities

With its wide-ranging features, Laundrix covers all essentials, supporting efficiency and growth in the competitive laundry industry.

Ensured Efficiency and Growth

By utilizing Laundrix, businesses can thrive and grow, staying competitive in the demanding laundry service market.


How can we help?

Laundrix POS is a Point of Sale software designed specifically for the laundry service industry, offering tools to manage orders, payments, and operations efficiently.

Laundrix POS streamlines laundry operations by providing features for order management, payment collection, customer handling, and staff management, ensuring smoother workflows.

Yes, Laundrix POS boasts an intuitive interface designed for user-friendliness, making it accessible for all users, regardless of technical expertise.

Laundrix POS includes features for order management, payment collections, detailed order previews, expense tracking, customer management, service organization, and staff management.

Absolutely, Laundrix POS is adaptable and customizable to cater to unique business requirements, ensuring flexibility in settings and configurations.

Yes, Laundrix POS provides SMS/email notifications to keep customers and staff informed about order statuses, appointments, and other important updates.

Yes, InDesignz offers dedicated customer support to assist users with any software-related queries or technical issues.

Indeed, by optimizing operations and providing comprehensive tools, Laundrix POS supports business efficiency, which contributes to growth and success in the laundry service industry.

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